Saturday, August 11, 2007

The W List.

Krishna De of The Podcast Sisters recently published an article referring to, The W List: aka women who blog.
The list, originally started by Valeria Maltoni, has been picked up and added to by numerous bloggers. The Floozy Blog was kindly added by Krishna, and the inspirational Podcast Sisters have put out a call for all women bloggers to shamelessly self promote!
Currently, I believe that the Floozy Blog is the only entry holding up the "Kiwi" banner and I know there are more of you out there!
So head over to The Podcast Sisters, read all about the W list and add your blog!


Anna said...

Hi Floozy

Hope the business is going well, glad you saw the list as we try and highlight the wealth of female talent that is out there


Floozy said...

Hi Anna,
I thought the best thing about the list (apart from being added, of course!) was the great variety of blogs and websites I discovered when browsing through and just following links from those already on the list.
Congratulations on your award nomination! I've been over to cast my vote for "The Engaging Brand".