Friday, June 29, 2007

My favourite possession........

...........of the moment!

I can't decide between my "Bunny Girl Work Bag" designed by "Susse Collection" - the home of the cute handbag! Or something that resides permanently in one of the perfectly sized, inside pockets of said handbag!

My pink nano! A constant companion and excellent source of entertainment and education! I'm currently listening to the Podcast Sisters - "The Podcast for the Non Geek" and the inspiration behind my foray into the blogosphere! If you haven't already come across this excellent podcast, be sure to visit you will discover a wealth of "FREE" information about the power of social media and how it can enhance your personal and professional life!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Hot off the Press!

Floozy features in the July edition of "her magazine" as a website to watch out for!
"Her Magazine" is an inspirational business read for all women!
With New Zealand fashion designer Annah Stretton at the helm, it's a great publication, a little bit more than a regular magazine, it offers interesting networking opportunities.
Visit the magazine's website for more details or to subscribe.

Whoever said money can't buy happines, didn't know where to shop.......

............ and that's why I created Floozy!

When we moved to New Zealand three years ago,
(for a lifestyle change!), my partner thought he would cure me of my addiction to retail therapy, unfortunately for him that plan backfired!

I'd always been a serious shopaholic. In a previous life I was Cabin Crew, (for The World's Favourite Airline), giving me an opportunity to shop on a global scale, from the souk's in Istanbul to "Bloomingdales" in New York, I was always on the quest for the perfect fashion accessory or must have item!! Suitcases left the UK rattling with emptiness and returned bulging with booty! Yes, everything you've read in "Air Babylon" is true we partied 'til dawn, danced the night away with our gay best friends, but, (for me anyway), nothing ever interfered with the very serious business of shopping!

Having relocated to "The Land of the Long White Cloud", I often found I got admiring comments on some of my finer International purchases, leading me to believe that New Zealand was ready to embrace Floozy, and all she stood for, "Empowerment of the Modern Woman through Fantastic Fashion Accessories"! was created, a fantastic online store where one can purchase all manner of delightful treats and trinkets, from a selection of fabulous International Designers, including, Susse Collection, Pink Lining, Nicole Van Dyke and Lola Rose.
So as you can see life has taken a new path for me, now instead of shopping for personal gratification, I shop professionally on a much larger scale, life just keeps getting better!!