Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Show you care with a "Lovemark"!

We LOVE this great website from those clever people at "Saatchi & Saatchi"!
What is a "Lovemark"? It's a new way of thinking about the things we love, it's the future beyond brands!
In a world where consumers expect great performance from products, services and experiences, a Lovemark delivers so much more!!!
A Lovemark is more than a brand, it's something that reaches your heart and that you can't live without!
You can nominate anything for a Lovemark, be it a person or your favourite place. From the new Apple iphone to Vegemite, if it's important to you, show you care with a Lovemark! If you're still not sure how it all works, take a look at the nomination guidelines, spread some BIG LOVE today, and make the world a happier place!!

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Anonymous said...

If you liked Lovemarks, the next level is Sisomo, and I love your site, it's so girly and fun!! And fantastic to meet you at the Women's Expo - can't wait for the next one ... Jayne